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Alrighty, time to get serious

Thanksgiving has come and gone, along with "Black Friday" (notorious for being the busiest shopping day of the year, but in reality checking in as third or fourth). So now it's time to really organize, and figure out just what will be needed.

Steps to be taken prior to hitting the mall, cookies in hand:

  1. Find a nice, simple cookie recipe that most people will like; the one on the back of Nestle chocolate chips should work fine. Or if you want to get festive, I'm sure sugar cookeis would work as well, but I'm not a big fan.
  2. Figure out how many cookies will need to be made in order to give a couple to each mall worker. Estimates can be made for many malls by finding the mall's website, if you're not intimately familiar with the mall, counting up the stores, and figuring out approximately how many workers will be in each store. The department stores, I don't have a clue on, but the regular shops around here usually staff anywhere from 4 to 6 workers (the bigger the shop, the more people, I'm assuming).
  3. Figure out the containers. Preferably reusable (IE, not plastic baggies, which would be cheap and convenient, but so blah), though sacrifices may have to be made to conserve space. Perhaps several Gladware (or similar) containers, each one with enough cookies for a shop. That would probably be the least inconvenient to the workers (they wouldn't have to take time away from helping people), though less personal (only one of them would know, and if they're a bastard they might not share). Incidentally, I may end up using generic Ziploc baggies, for convenience and space (and price).
  4. Gather some friends! Pick a date and convince your friends that this is a worthy cause!
  5. Move #4 up to #1, and have them help with #6!
  6. Make the cookies! It's a social event; head over to the home of whoever has the best oven, bring over some cookie sheets and cooling racks if their stash is insufficient for the task, and get bakin'! (preferably while you're not baked)

Everyone, post your plans! Yes, I know there aren't many folk in this community, but getting your plan up will do several things: It'll allow others to comment, and see a couple other ideas; it will give you something to follow, and people who know you plan on following it (priorities!); and most importantly, it will get you thinking about what you're going to do.

I, for one, would like to know what everyone's ideas are on what to say when you hand the cookies out.
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