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Alrighty, time to get serious [07 Dec 2002|11:55pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Thanksgiving has come and gone, along with "Black Friday" (notorious for being the busiest shopping day of the year, but in reality checking in as third or fourth). So now it's time to really organize, and figure out just what will be needed.

Steps for a successful mall raidCollapse )

Everyone, post your plans! Yes, I know there aren't many folk in this community, but getting your plan up will do several things: It'll allow others to comment, and see a couple other ideas; it will give you something to follow, and people who know you plan on following it (priorities!); and most importantly, it will get you thinking about what you're going to do.

I, for one, would like to know what everyone's ideas are on what to say when you hand the cookies out.

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Operator [26 Oct 2002|08:27pm]

[ mood | impressed ]

Evening all. I saw this community on a board and decided to join. I worked 7 years in fast food and now work as a directory assistance operator for AT&T. ANd we are heading into a busy season with callers calling for stores and relatives. And some are not very nice. I think what you all are doing is a wonderful idea and I have plans on talking to our center's director about maybe doing this in our area. Or maybe do something for the call center itself. Anways I thought I post and say hello. :)

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[23 Oct 2002|08:55pm]

More things to add to the to-do list:

Gladware (or similar) containers.
Thinking of ways to deal with possible paranoia of workers. (kudos to tropiquena for this one)

Gladware I figure will work; though maybe Ziplock-type baggies'd be better. You could still include a note... wouldn't be as tough. Up to each person who does it, I guess. I'm thinking I'll stick with Gladware if I can get some of my friends in on it, might cost $20* each or something all-inclusive.

As for paranoia, I think (hope) it can be dealt with fairly easily. I figure best case scenario we talk to security the day before doing it, give them a sheet with a list of names, phone numbers, and addresses of everyone involved; then ask them if anyone comes up to them to ask who these weirdos handing out cookies are, they can tell them that it's all under control and the cookies are safe (security deserves their own cookies too, dammit); but we'll also ask the security folk to not give our names to inquiring minds - I no longer remember my reasoning for this. That last part, if security goes along with the rest of it, will rely heavily on regular mall security protocol (whether there's regulations to restrict/give away information like that to the public), or if there aren't such regulations, it will rely heavily on their attitudes.
Worst-case scenario, security says, "No, you can't bring your dirty hippy cookies in here." Which would suck. I don't see why they'd do that if we freely gave them our information, though. Like, photocopied our IDs, maybe. Yeah, that'd probably be the best idea. Be like, "Okay, here's a photocopy of our licenses, if you want to see the originals, we have those on us, but you can keep this copy."

* This dollar amount was pulled from my butt.
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hiya! [22 Oct 2002|04:54pm]

[ mood | busy ]

hey all !im a new member! worked at WIlliams-Sonoma for the holidays last year, then worked at Claire's from march to the middle of september... basically kept gettign screwd over, even tho i worked my ass off... so i quite.. after i closed one night i threw my key in the gate and only came back fro my last pay check... i loved working there, but with school and transfer stuff i couldnt work what they wanted... anywas.. theres so much more it the story, but i wont bore you all! :o)

jsut wanted to say hi and introuce myself a little! :o)


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[22 Oct 2002|04:07pm]

To-do list:

  1. Find a good recipe (I'm thinking chocolate chip).
    Maybe the one on the back of Nestle chocolate chips?
  2. Figure out how many cookies are needed.
  3. Buy ingredients based on (2).
  4. Figure out if this plan will get people in trouble with mall security.
  5. Put (4) where (1) is.
  6. Find as many people as I can to do this across the country.

Based on #3, a rough estimate of cost can be figured. I don't imagine it'd be too much; one batch of cookies really is a lot. Thus, a relatively cheap way to make a lot of people happy.

Other things to consider:

  • Gender of giver/receiver; would same-gender reception have the same response as opposite-gender?
  • Allergies - Are there potential allergens in the recipe, and is it possible to circumvent them by making a special batch that does not have these in them?
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[20 Oct 2002|10:43pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Welcome to the community!

This here's my first attempt at anything like this, I have no idea how successful it's going to be. I got the idea from a post on customers_suck, so instead of bitching about the customers who visit retail establishments, I've decided to give a boost to those brave souls who have to deal with the customers.

Hence, this community.

Post ideas, suggestions, potential problems that may be encountered (mall security?), or support. All are welcome. Flames will be forwarded to dev/null; constructive criticism only, please.

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